Language private kindergarten and nursery
where children are not bored

Language private kindergarten and nursery Kladno

Our school provides a safe, colourful, homely environment giving every child the space to learn, explore and grow at his or her own pace. 

You will find qualified friendly staff and lessons with a native English speaking teacher who have all the time to give each child the individual attention that they need. 

Not only do you find everything that you expect from a great school, but so much more that you do not expect! 

In addition to the standard curriculum we provide a wide range of non standard themes an activities ranging from everyday role-play situations in English, first sciences, cooking, gardening including growing own vegetables where we get to taste the rewards. 

We also encourage children to participate in sport with a wide range of sporting activities finishing off the school year with sports day where the whole family can get involved. 


Together we learn, play, experiment, support each other, love each other, but also search and set boundaries together.


We provide bilingual preschool for children aged 2 to 6 years in a natural, non-violent way, where children learn English through play.


The education system is set up so that children learn not only the basic skills they will need throughout their lives, but also those that will facilitate their transition from kindergarten to first grade.

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Our private language kindergarten is co-financed by the EU